Hardware Engineer

Are you an embedded hardware engineer, enthusiastic about technology and do you see solutions where others see problems. Then you are ideally suited to work at ABA Electronics.

ABA Electronics will exist two years in January 2023 and is looking for its first employee. At ABA Electronics we develop custom printed circuit boards for a wide range of markets. From smart battery solutions to efficient high-power supplies. In addition to electronics, we also work with 3d printers that allow us to prototype quickly.

Working from home is the norm and you will receive compensation for this. To promote collaboration, there will be a daily online meeting. Furthermore, one day a week we will work at a fixed location and enjoy a delicious lunch.

Why work at ABA Electronics?

  • You are the 1st employee and can really make an impact
  • Flexible working hours and days
  • Challenging projects
  • High independence
  • Work from home
  • Delicious lunch
Interested in working at ABA Electronics, then call me on +31 (0)6 838 257 47 or send an email to jobs@abaelectro.com.
Embedded Engineer at ABA Electronics