ABA Electronics StartUp

After working and learning for more than 10 years in the embedded hardware and software/ printed circuit board development, I founded ABA Electronics. At ABA Electronics we make printed circuit board technology accessible to everyone, for starters and established companies alike.

My name is Allard van Baalen and my story starts at an early age, if people would ask me what I was to become when I grow up, my answer would be that I was to be an inventor. I still remember the arguments I had because I was not allowed to build a real-size helicopter when I was six years old.

In 2015 I did my first project as an independent contractor. After a very successful internship I was hired to develop the electronics for the FIHM (Functional Intrinsic Hand Muscle Meter). I had developed electrical products before but not for an external party as with the FIHM. This was when I found out what makes me happy, not just working on electronics but working on electronics that make a difference. Not a difference on climate, healthcare, or some other world-class problem, but a difference for the client I was developing for. Realizing the importance of the electronics I developed for this client pushed me to create the best possible solution and do my part in making the product a success. This was when I decided to keep doing projects like this, keep making a difference, not on a global scale, but one client at a time.

We are now in 2021 and I finally started ABA Electronics. I took my time to gather knowledge and increase my skills, but now I am ready, ready to make a difference for the next client.

Allard van Baalen, owner ABA Electronics

Allard van Baalen registered ABA Electronics as a sole proprietorship in the Netherlands on January 4, 2021.