Hexapod Build

Online hexapod build, let’s develop a robot

Let’s have some fun and develop a robot. That is what we will do, we will develop a robotic spider (Hexapod) online so you can follow the progress and have an insight at how we at ABA Electronics develop such a robot. Moreover, you can contribute by commenting on the videos and if you have a good idea, you could see it come to life in the following episodes.

We start with a pre-made frame including servos and design the electronics and the software from scratch. We decide which actuators to add, which sensors to implement and how to control the robot. We will then fit them in a mechanical assembly after which we will develop a custom printed circuit board (PCB). When we finish the electronics, we can focus on the embedded software and make the robot come to life. We will share and discuss the problems and solutions in detail such that you can learn more about electronics and software for robotics. We will also share all the design files so you can completely recreate the Hexapod yourself or improve on it by incorporating your own ideas into the design.

Are you excited about robotics, electronics, or software, then join us with the online hexapod build and follow the creation of an awesome Hexapod!

Online hexapod build

Episode 1 – Let’s design the robot