Event Payment System

The customer’s challenge

Tactile Events wanted to create a event payment system that uses RFID technology to recognize the user and consequently validate the payment and update the balance. Such a product would be able to reduce waiting times and increase revenue significantly.

ABA Electronics’ contribution

ABA Electronics designed, developed, and produced the electronic hardware. Special care was taken in developing a product with reliable RFID communication and low-power usage. Unique in this project was that the RFID tag must be read behind a display, a custom designed antenna made this possible where standard solutions would not suffice due to the metals used in the display.


Instead of long waiting lines that affect revenue, events can now rely on Tactiles event payment system to do payments fast, easy, and secure. The low-power usage makes it possible to use the device for an extended period of time in which the reliable RFID communication ensures that all tags are read quickly and securely.


RFID, USB-C PD, Lithium battery.

Tactile Terminal event payment system exploded view

Tactile Events is a company that uses technology to improve events. Tactile Events has developed solutions for access control, applications that allow people to participate from distance, advanced ticketing systems and now also a complete cashless payment system. With these advances, Tactile Events aims to enhance the user experience and at the same time decrease organisational pressure.