Indoor Tracking Sensor

The customer’s challenge

New Movements Innovations wanted to develop a indoor tracking sensor that is able to determine its position by using the WiFi access points in the area. Such a product could be used in buildings to determine the location of components to which the sensor is attached.

ABA Electronics’ contribution

ABA Electronics designed, developed, and produced the electronic hardware, embedded software, and housing. Special care was taken in developing a product with low energy consumption, long life, and reliable communication.


It is now possible with the existing infrastructure (access points) to determine the location of components to which the sensor is attached. Due to the low power consumption, a long battery life is achieved. The reliable communication together with the smart algorithms of Movements ensures that the part is in the indicated location and the user does not have to search.


Wi-Fi, LoRa, accelerometer, Lithium battery.
Indoor tracking sensor assembly
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