Project AAP

The customer’s challenge

Van den Berg product innovation wanted to use project AAP to develop a mechanical monkey that is to dispense a certain amount of M&Ms when pressing a button. Such a product would be used at candy stores to give candy in a playful way and be used as a marketing tool.

ABA Electronics’ contribution

ABA Electronics designed, developed, and produced the electronic hardware, embedded software and housing. Special care has been taken into developing a product with high reliability and repeatability. To offer a flexible solution, it is possible to adjust both the speed and the amount of dispensed candy.


With project AAP it is now possible to give sweets to children in a playful way which increases the fun and leads to an increase in sales. The high reliability and repeatability ensure that children can continue to enjoy the creation and will receive an equal amount of candy.


Microcontroller, stepper motor.
Project AAP printed circuit board assembly (PCBA)

Van den Berg product innovation, Cas, is an independent entrepreneur specialized in product development. For developing new and optimizing existing products. With more than 25 years of experience, Cas knows everything about product development and the associated production processes.